Frequently asked questions

Why goat milk soap?

From the point of view of the environment, because soap is bio-degradable. But, much of the soap available commercially is no longer soap. It is synthetic detergent. Which is not bio-degradable. Further, surfactants are the main working ingredient in synthetic detergents, and they have been shown to cause long and short term damage to the environment.

From the point of view of your skin, goat milk soap is more gentle than commercially available products. Goat milk’s high content of caprylic acid makes it particularly effective in removing dirt from your skin without stripping your skin’s natural oils. The selenium and vitamin A in goat milk make it a great anti-aging soap. Goat milk soap promotes a healthy skin biome.

Why do the bars have such wide weight ranges?

An abundance of transparency. Most of our soap bars are exactly in the middle of the range given. But, some bars are outliers. It’s the nature of hand-made soap. I try to save the extra large and extra small bars for people who are ordering several bars of the same soap - so that they receive a pair that average out to the middle, and everyone else gets median sized soap. I reject all the bars that fall below the minimum weight.

Why did my soap come in an Amazon box?

I save all the boxes that cross my path and reuse them. Most of the bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, and packing paper are also reused. Treading lightly on our planet is essential to us, which is why our soaps come in minimal packaging (just a string to tie the ingredient list to the bar).

How can I find out more about the goats whose milk is in my soap?

By subscribing to my blog. You can find it here: https://mjames84837.wixsite.com/website?fbclid=IwAR3SJik-l4VyiplmlG71GnWXB33ZIawshCU8fwRQwpOSrh4QazlxG_1UbPA

There's some white powder on my soap.  What is it?

That powder is soda ash. It is a perfectly safe, natural by-product of soap making. I generally try to clean it all off, but I occasionally miss some. It’ll vanish the first time you use the soap.

Who did your amazing photography?

I’m glad you asked! Zach Hodges did it. You can find him here: https://www.zshphotography.com/

Which charities receive funds from Serena Soaps?

Right now, we're sending donations to the Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico, which provides millions of pounds of healthy food every year to people in need.